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Do we rent bikes?
No we don’t, but you can swap bikes with us and demo the current Sherco models. We hope to have some bikes to hire from 2019 onwards. More details will be available on our website.


Do we cater to all levels of riders?
Yes, if you have any questions please give one of us a call or email.


Do we offer private tours, coaching and kids coaching?
Yes we can do private rides and private group tours and clinics, any of our tours can become a private tour if you book in and pay a deposit early.


Will you help me fix my bike if there is a problem?
Between us we can fix just about anything – the accepted currency is beer! We do recommend that your bike has a serious check over and service before coming on a tour.


Do you need a license and registered bike?
It is a condition of coming on a tour that you have a current motorcycle license [learners permit is fine] and a registered bike. Recreational Rego does NOT count in NSW. For coaching clinics you do NOT a license or rego.


Do I need ambulance cover to ride?
Ambulance cover is a minimum requirement on tour – $40 [approx.] per year is a fraction of the cost if something goes wrong, and if one of our staff thinks you need an ambulance or airlift we will organise for you.


Do tours include accommodation, food and fuel?
Day tours include fuel after the first tank and in most cases lunch as well.
2 day tours most of the time include fuel after the first tank, dinners, breakfasts, lunches and 2 nights’ accommodation.
7 day tours are as above but with dinner, lunch and breakfast and 8 nights accommodation.
Tours can also be customised to include whatever you want.


Will you give me some ‘on trail’ tips and coaching during a tour?
Absolutely!. If you have a specific skill you want to learn let one of us know and we can help you along the way.


With larger groups how do you guys keep the riders flowing?
We operate using the Cornerman system. This means riders keep moving and no one gets left behind. If you’re not familiar with this system don’t stress, we’ll talk you through it before we set off.


I see your guided tours have a grading system. What's that all about?
We use a grading system (1 to 5 with 1 being the easiest) to help riders match their chosen ride with their ability. If you’re not sure give us a call or drop us a note to discuss what’s best for you.



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Last modified: 17/11/18